5 things you should know about waist training

Many celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, are posting Instagram pictures of them wearing a corset. This waist trainer is used to cut down the midsection of the body which makes the waist look slim. Before you try on a corset yourself, you should know the following things about waist training.

It makes your waist look slim

You will get the instant slim effect on your waist when you wear a corset. It looks smart and taut. But it has a negative psychological effect. It reminds you of your present shape, and it can motivate you to take the strict diet.

It can cause temporary weight loss

Waist training can increase the temperature of the body, causing more sweat and so can lead to temporary weight loss. However, you shouldn’t forget that this effect is only temporary. You should have a healthy lifestyle to lose weight permanently.

It doesn’t get rid of body fat in the long run

Wearing a corset doesn’t have any effect on the amount of body fat. It remains the same. So, in order to look slim, you will have to wear a corset all the time. Wearing the waist trainer while you sleep might help to make the changes more long term.

It can cause your organs to shift

Waist training causes your upper organs to move upwards and the lower organs to shift downwards. This can cause pressure on the abdomen, causing constipation. You will become less tolerant to certain foods, like fatty foods. They will even find normal portion sizes too difficult to eat. All these increase the chance of heartburn and can also cause acid reflux.

It can cause dehydration

While you are waist training during exercise, excessive increase in body temperature and sweating can take place. This causes dehydration, and it is bad for your health. You should stay hydrated all the time when you are in waist training.

If you decide to do waist training, then you must wear them only for short periods of time. You should avoid exercising wearing a corset as it might affect your breathing. You shouldn’t over-tighten it. Drink lots of water when you are doing waist training.