5 things you need to avoid wearing to the gym

We all wear something special when we work out. But some gym-goers don’t know the right things that must be worn during a workout. This makes them feel uncomfortable. Here are the things that you should not wear to the gym.


You should never wear cotton to the gym. Whether it is pant, shirt or sock, nothing should be of cotton. It absorbs sweat and doesn’t get dried out quickly. So, you will be soaking wet and feel heavier after you finish your workout. When the clothes are sweaty, it can lead to skin irritation. It can also give you chills when the heart rate comes back to normal. You should try synthetic materials such as Lycra and polyester. These fabrics will dry quickly.

Casual sneakers

You should not wear anything flat as they don’t have any arch support. The converse is also bad, as they are a low-cut style that leads to ankle sprain when jumping and running. You should get cross training sneakers which are lightweight and breathable. It will give the foot some cushion as well.

Regular bra

You should get a properly fitting sports bra when working out. There is no alternative to this. There are many different styles of sports bra on the market in every size.


Jewelry is unsafe to wear when you go to the gym. Rings, bracelets and dangling earrings can be caught in machines by accident or even on your cloth when you are lifting weight or doing cardio. The jewelry also gets into bad shape due to dried sweat that gets settled on your diamond studs, for example.


It may be tempting to put lotion on dry skin when you are getting ready for the gym, but you shouldn’t. When lotion combines with sweat, it makes the skin more slippery. You will get an uncomfortable clammy feeling on your legs, and you won’t be able to lift weights with your slippery hands.

Avoiding wearing these things to the gym will make your experience better. You will be able to work out comfortably without causing any harm to your skin.